Seasons are a gift from Nature.
Divided into four products, representing the for seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, each of them with a unique feeling and color accent can be used separately with base color, in couples or even all together so to achieve an absolutely unique pattern in which reds, orange, yellow and greens melts into infinite shades of colors.


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season spring
Spring Basic
spring basic
season summer
Summer Basic
summer basic
season autumn
autumn basic (2)
autumn basic
Season 1-1
season winter
winter basic
winter basic
Season Basic 1-4
season basic

Construction: Multi-level Loop
Fiber: Voxflor Certified Nylon
Gauge: 1/10”
Stitches: 10 per inch
Pile Weight: 26 OZ/yd²
Average Pile Height: 5.0mm±0.5mm
Backing: PVC with fiberglass
Tile size: 25cm*100cm
Area of Use: Commercial – General Duty

Anti-microbial: Ultra Fresh (Available)
Flammability: ASTM E 648 Class I, GB8624-2012 B1(C)
Smoke Density: ASTM E 662 Less than 450, GB/T 8627-1999
Static Propensity: AATCC-134 ≤ 3.5kV, GB/T 18044-2008

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