Voxflor Carpet Tiles

VOXFLOR is a leading manufacturer in China, which has been in the business for more than 23 years. VOXFLOR carpets have thousands of product styles, and it enhances our competitiveness. Also, we provide E-Catalog to our clients, because we hope it will be more environmentally friendly and save time compared to sending the hardcopy to our clients. Their company philosophy is design oriented, with a special attention for sustainability and environmental care.

Voxflor’s Headquarters is in Shanghai, with a Creative Center in Milano, as well as branch offices in Asia, Europe, North and Latin America. The offices and distributors serve 52 countries around the world, with products produced in Asian plants, for an overall capacity of over 10 million m² per year. In addition, exhibitions are regularly held to connect clients and show them the new products or concepts. Client comments and feedback is also meticulously collected and studied from the exhibition.

Voxflor Hong Kong Supplier

As a distributor in Hongkong, ETEX has cooperated with Voxflor for more than 16 years, as we have substantial experience in the industry and have contributed much effort to build the VOXFLOR Hong Kong brand image. Also, we provide a one-stop service which distributes VOXFLOR carpets, labour for installation and follow-up service from our experienced team. ETEX has a great team that is composed of excellent product designers, creatives, technicians and vendors from all over the world, so we can provide unique service to guarantee clients high standards of quality and efficiency. Our creative designers focus on developing new and on trend products to guarantee a long-lasting fresh appeal.

Constantly Striving For Efficiency and Sustainability

Our R&D team always pays close attention to the latest technologies and uses excellent materials since these are the key for a competitive and sustainable production nowadays, especially the usage of green energy and sustainable materials. We will source fibers which are more environmentally friendly. The fibers or backing of our products are renewable, non-toxic to humans or animals, and minimally impact the environment at the point of production and disposal. VOXFLOR carpet tiles are fully certified and guarantee best performance. Some collections can provide additional points in WELL and LEED scorecards. GreenWorks™️ concept was developed by VOXFLOR in order to care for the people and the environment in the widest terms available to us.

Our products have been the best and most widely used solution for office and commercial spaces, and now more and more the hospitality world is opening its doors to VOXFLOR carpet tiles. Moreover, we have offered other flooring materials to our clients. We hope it will improve our competitiveness and let more people know about our company. We will do our best to offer complete support to our clients in terms of planning, product customization and dedicated assistance post-sale.

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