Office Access Floor

Calcium Sulphate Panel is made up made up with high-resustant anti-static HPL or PVC veneer as the surface, surrounded by conductive adhesive tape around its edge. The bottom part is the galvanized sheet, printed and flat aluminum skin.

Calcium sulphate floor is widely used in antistatic, high loading, pavement performance and high-end application areas. For examples, banking, telecommunciation room and upscate rooms.


Anti-Static Access Floor

HPL Panel is made by modern laminate technology, as a result of tropical layers on panel which make these panels advantageous.

Apart from the increase of the stability, it also has scratch and stain resistance properties that requires very low maintenance. HPL has an advantage of not requiring wax or any other maintenance that could produce static problems.

Due to this anti-static property, HPL panel complies with static electrical dissipation needs of computer rooms and clean room applications.


Office Access Floor

Bare Panel is made up of excellent steel of which assembly structure with high strength and strong anti-impact ability. Surface is treated with epoxy coating, which has excellent mechanical and electrical insulating properties.

Bare panel is easy to mount and has excellent wearing resistance. These panels are widely used for raised flooring in many buildings, meeting rooms, hotels, dust-proof and waterproof area. Having this raised flooring system, wiring can be embedded and instant access to wring and cabling is also provided. It is perfect for carpet applications and any other hard surface covering for better appearance.


Anti-Static Access Floor

Perforated Panel is made with either high-wear anti-static HPL or conductive PVC top-finished. Perforated rate varies from 17% to 50%.

These perforated panel are specially designed to suit

industrial workshops where high standard concentrated loading and efficient airflow management from sub floor area are required. For example, computer room, data center, cleaning room and satellite ground station. They are capable of controlling heat density by providing superior cooling and ventilation for critical applications.

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