Made in UK

Heavy-Duty Floor Smoothing Underlayment
Stopgap 300 Powder Mixed with Water

A rapid hardening, water mix smoothing underlayment. It is designed for use on both absorbent and non-absorbent interior subfloors, in areas that are subjected to heavy-duty trafficking.

The underlayment has excellent smoothing properties making it suitable for application by mechanical pump or by traditional mixing methods. It is protein free ensuring it is suitable for biologically sensitive areas. For thickness above 10mm, Stopgap Graded Aggregate is recommended for economy.


Made in UK

Self-Levelling Wearing Surface
Stopgap 800 Powder Mixed with Water

A self-levelling commercial and industrial grade floor compound for upgrading and renovating existing internal floors. It is protein free, dimensionally stable and is designed for application between 5-15mm.

It should be sealed using Stopgap Seal to protect the floor, in areas subject to spillage of water or other fluids.

Stopgap 800 can also be pump-applied up to 1000m² per day dependent on manpower, thickness applied and equipment used.


Made in UK

Self-Smoothing Underlayment
Stopgap Red Bag Powder Mixed with Water

A water mix self-smoothing underlayment. The powder is a protein free blend of sand, cement and organic polymers. When mixed it is designed to produce a smooth dense surface. Suitable for absorbent subfloors and in areas that are biologically sensitive.

Stopgap Red Bag is designed for areas subject to foot and light wheeled traffic and can be used over normal underfloor heating installations. Application can be to a maximum of 6mm unfilled and a minimum of 3mm and it can be smoothed to a feathered-edge. Suitable for filled mixes for greater thickness using Stopgap Graded Aggregate.

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