Textile Flooring

Made up of different layers of fibers intermingled by needles, the first needlepunch product gave rise to new synthetic textile flooring. Recognised now as a generic trademark, textile flooring is synonymous with comfort, resistance and modernity.

Easy to install, textile flooring is the exact product for areas requiring well-being and comfort. The collection proposes high tech solutions to satisfy all purposes. Because of its extraordinary performances despite a reasonable price, this type of covering is particularly adapted for extra-heavy traffic applications: offices, stores & shops and also social housing.

Proposed in 2m width and in tiles, the plain patterns are available in a wide range of shades and in addition astonishing natural material effects. The printed products, recently revamped with new patterns and colours in order to create strongly contemporary ambiances. They can also be installed with the uni versions in order to increase the colour combination possibilities.

Combining resistance, creativity, comfort and reasonable price, textile flooring provides solutions to all problems for building specialists, specifiers, architects, installation companies and retailers. It distinguishes itself as the ideal textile flooring, easy to install and to maintain, displaying a truly creative dimension.

Tecsom Carpet Hong Kong Supplier

The Tecsom tufted carpet tile is enjoying great popularity as the ideal removable loose lay solution for an array of commercial applications and settings. Harnessing the great work and results of years of expertise, Tecsom is ideally suited for applications such as in offices, stores & shops, public sectors, various commercial areas and hospitality. Results from the epic story of the Sommer family, that has left its mark on the area of Sedan, and the Ardennes region as a whole. The company is a participant in the regional activity making durable use of know-how in textile flooring.

ETEX is a TECSOM Hong Kong supplier which has cooperated with Tecsom for 5 years, and we are experienced professionals in the industry, and have done much effort to build up the desirable image of Tecsom in Hong Kong.

Tecsom: A Trusted Carpet Brand

The industrial plant has 11 tufting machines enabling the production of an infinite number of constructions (loop, cut pile, graphic). Needlepunch products : 2 groups of needle punching, 1 coating and a high quality printing machine. The company is based on 17 hectares of land, of which 7 hectares of buildings.

Based on its experience, Tecsom Manufacture Française des Ardennes offers incomparable products of quality and keeps important production capacities for Tapisom and Tecsom references. Located in the heart of Europe, the company can meet tight deadlines for numerous flooring uses: like for offices, airports, shops and stores, transport, schools, hotels, health establishments, etc.

Tecsom carpets are made from solution dyed 100% polyamide yarns and recycled PVC backing, are a quality reference for all their products. First, the Yarn system is a selection of the most effective 100% polyamide fibers. It is excellent colour constancy and uniformity (within a batch) due to the use of solution dyed yarns and good flexibility for creating special colours. Also, it is perfect wearing of the product.

Secondly, the eco-friendly backing system offers the best dimensional stability within the market. Tecsom carpet is highly-resistant from breaking and tearing, facilitating installation, maintenance, acoustic performance, and high resistance to indentation, best fire results (BflS1), backing with 100% recycled PVC.

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