EF Contract Carpet

EF Contract Carpet is one of the most renowned suppliers for the United States of America (USA). ETEX has cooperated with them since 2018. They provide many collections, patterns and colors in superbly high quality. They have a thousand styles which are suitable for commercial spaces, such as hotels, lecture rooms or even boardrooms. Part of the fastest-growing, most modern family of flooring companies, Engineered Floors – EF Contract Carpet stands for confidence in quality, permanently providing great service and doing right by all. Their products are inspired by you: offering the hard-surface flooring that you want and need, that you’ve been seeking but unable to find, until now.

Shop our EF Contract commercial tiles which are 100% made in the USA and all material is well selected and refined by factory professionals. We offer a variety of colors and textures while giving you the most attractive price! Like the newly invented tile – ‘Kinetex’, an award-winning textile composite flooring that combines the key attributes of soft-surface covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard-surface flooring. The brand selects the fiber that provides the warranty-covered products manufactured with Encore SD Ultima, Encore RE, Encore BCF with ColorLoc Plus and 100% polyester Fibers.

Products Created With The Environment In Mind

What’s more, EF Contract carpet has just launched the all-new EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for their Kinetex Textile Composite Flooring. As of now, all of their standard broadloom and modular flooring products, as well as those broadloom products utilise the moisture barrier backing, TitanBac® Plus. This EPD includes data on every environmental touch point to a product. Additionally, raw materials and manufacturing processes are examined under the microscope, while the EPD also takes into account packaging, shipping, installation, cleaning and maintenance during product use, and the end-of-life impact of the product. The declaration is based on verified, objective criteria according to ISO standards and fulfilled the Product Category Rules for flooring products.

Moreover, the brand is a participant of the Mindful Materials (mM) program, which essentially is a program dedicated to improving communication on product Transparency. Their mother company – Engineered Floors Commercial, through its brands J+J Flooring Group and EF Contract carpet, has long supported the mM program and its initiatives. This makes their tiles the most desirable flooring solution for a myriad of commercial usage, such as for general office floorings, as well as for other high traffic areas. Meticulously-designed, these products are engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic. EF Contract carpet modular tiles are specifically-designed to be easy to install for all. As a quick guide, they can be installed simply with double sided tape or glue which offers a more permanent flooring solution for all clients.

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